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Follow these hair care tips to keep hair happy and healthy.

Stylist Secrets Hair care tips

hair care tips for Happy Healthy HaIr

  • The number one rule for happy healthy hair is always use a thermal protectant any time heat is used on the hair. This includes blow drying but especially when using a flat iron because some irons heat up to 450 degrees (cookies bake at 350 so think about what that heat does to hair).  Once the damage is done there is very little that can help the hair other than superficially.   It is very important to never skip the thermal protectant in order to maintain the integrity of the hair.

  • Make sure hair is completely dry before using a flat iron or curling iron on it or you will literally cook the hair causing damage.
  • Wet hair is more fragile so treat it accordingly.  I recommend the gentle use of a comb and never a brush when hair is wet.  Wet hair stretches more than dry hair and pulling on it with a brush repeatedly causes it to lose its elasticity which leads to breakage.